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How People Are Breaking into Hollywood:

COVID changed everything—including the screenwriting industry. In today's new world, there are 3 techniques you need to master in order to have a realistic roadmap to getting your foot in the door in the Hollywood system. Using actual screenwriters who broke in, I'll break down what's working now and how you can implement these techniques today:

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Visual Screenwriting:

Supercharge your visual writing skills by learning how to effectively use formatting, grammar, and visual language to help your scripts stand out! From “invisible” camera angles to visual metaphors, director Carl T. Rogers will teach you four simple ways to show, not tell to create more engaging, impactful watch now to start bringing your stories to life on the page to grab readers' attention!

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Carl T. Rogers, MFA

I’m a screenwriter, director, and lay philosopher. My shorts have screened across the US and overseas in Israel, Finland, and Germany. I earned a MFA in Film Production from Florida State University and a BA in Cinema-Television from Regent University. 

My goal on the Storylosopher is to educate and inspire writers as we grow together as storytellers. I aim to teach others what I’ve learned, and to be the resource I wish I’d had when I was a beginner.
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Joey H.

“Carl is very thorough! His course reminds me of a college-level class because it’s so well thought-out and put together. The lessons are clear and concise. I loved how he shows us other scripts firsthand and dissects them, breaking down what works and what doesn’t. Above all, Carl is a kind and patient teacher whose passion for spreading his knowledge is equal to the passion of his students eager to learn.”

Elisabeta K.

Someone listening to Carl would immediately know he has real authority over the subject matter at hand. Additionally, he’s deeply perceptive and asks all the right questions. He waits to form a solid opinion or give advice only after he has sufficient information to work with. His teaching tone is balanced, calm, cool, and composed with a hint of nonchalance, which to me is refreshing.