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If you're a screenwriter looking to jumpstart your career, then you need to become a Scriptsmith. My course will show you how!

created by Carl T. Rogers, MFA

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The Tools You Need to Level Up Your Screenwriting Skills

If you want to launch your screenwriting career, then you'll need to master these techniques—and how to apply them!

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No More Roadblocks

Turn screenplay formatting + grammar intro powerful storytelling weapons.

Visual Storytelling

Learn how to write visually with "invisible" camera angles.

Weave with Words

Master wordsmithing to make your screenplays rise above the competition

Application Makes Mastery

In-depth analysis of scripts to show you how to apply a myriad of techniques.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Whether on your computer or phone, you have 24/7 access to this pre-recorded course.

Career Launchpad

Explanation of how Hollywood works so you can equip yourself to become a working screenwriter.

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Who This Course is For

  • Screenwriters who are serious about leveling up their skills so they can become sought-after, working screenwriters.
  • Writers who want to master writing in the English language so they can write for English-speaking audiences.
  • Writers who are committed to putting in the time and effort in order to execute their stories they way they envision.
  • Writers who are passionate about telling their stories in the most excellent, visual, and cinematic manner possible so they can compete in Hollywood.

What You Will Learn

  • How to format your scripts in a way that emphasizes the story and keeps the reader wanting more.
  • Compelling grammatical tools to trigger readers' emotions and draw them into your story.
  • How to use word connotation and literary devices to bring your script to life!
  • How to use "invisible" camera angles to capture your reader's imagination.
  • Ways to reverse engineer your favorite films to unlock their secrets...and be able to craft your own movie masterpieces.
  • How and when to seek a manager so you can get your career moving and become a working screenwriter.
  • Tips for networking so you can make the most of your connections—without being annoying.
  • Best practices for pitching so you can increase your chances of getting your work—or your talents—sold!

You'll Also Get

  • Quizzes and actionable writing assignments to solidify what you've learned and become a writer that execs want to hire.
  • An exclusive online community of other passionate screenwriters so you can network, swap screenplays, and get feedback on your work!
  • Access to Carl via the online community to answer your questions.
  • An expansive screenwriting archive full of resources on the craft and business of screenwriting.

Who is the Storylosopher?

I'm Carl T. Rogers. I’m an award-winning screenwriter, director, and lay philosopher. I've written screenplays and worked in film & video production for over a decade.

My shorts have screened in +30 film festivals across the US and overseas in Israel, Finland, and Germany. A few of my awards include: 

  • Bronze Telly Award
  • Best Director, Otis Film Fest
  • Best Short, Modern Film Fest
  • Nominee, Ralph R. Clemente Award, Orlando Film Fest

I earned a MFA in Directing from Florida State University and a BA in Cinema-Television from Regent University.

I've shot numerous commercials. I also wrote and directed a music video for an Emmy-nominated performing artist.

Now, I toil away in the dark hours of the dawn writing screenplays that I'll direct in the not-so-distant future.

My goal is to educate and inspire other storytellers; I want to be the resource I wish I’d had when I was a beginner!

Action-Taker's Guarantee

If you go through the entire Scriptsmithing Mastery course—including the assignments—and you aren’t satisfied, then I'll refund your money within 30 days of your purchase!

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