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4 Realistic Case Studies Showing How Working Screenwriters
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✅ Why moving to Los Angeles to become a "real" screenwriter is outdated

✅ How to ACTUALLY sell your screenplay (it's not what you think)

✅ How to network in Hollywood with no connections

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Questions I'll Answer:


Do you have to move to Los Angeles to become a real "working" screenwriter?


How do you ACTUALLY sell your screenplay? (Hint: Wrong question!)


How are you supposed to network in Hollywood when you don't know anyone?

Carl T. Rogers, MFA

I'm Carl, an award-winning writer/director with +10 years experience writing scripts and making films—some of which have screened across the world.

COVID changed everything—including the screenwriting industry. In today's new world, there are 3 techniques you need to master in order to have a realistic roadmap to getting your foot in the door in the Hollywood system.

Using examples of actual screenwriters who broke in, I'll explain what's working now and how you can implement these techniques today.

In less than 30 mins, I will give you the answers you need to unlock Hollywood so you can make REAL progress towards becoming a working screenwriter! 

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If this is where you want to be, then find out how emerging screenwriters and getting there today—not how they used to decades ago.


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