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ūü镬†How¬†to Write Invisible Camera Angles

The Essential 4 Step¬†Formula to Master-Level Visual Screenwriting¬†‚úćÔłŹ


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✅ Learn what you need to do to keep readers hooked on your script so they keep turning the page!

✅ Discover how to how to effectively apply formatting and grammar as visual language to help your scripts stand out

✅Come away with 4 powerful storytelling techniques to make your action lines more visual and emotionally-resonant

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In less than 25 minutes, award-winning writer and director Carl T. Rogers will give you actionable techniques you need to level up your screenwriting skills so you can make your scripts riveting reads!

Carl T. Rogers, MFA

Unlike most writer-directors working today, I'm a director who then learned how to write. Far from being a hinderance, this is actually a huge differentiator for my screenwriting approach.

Watching movies is one thing‚ÄĒmaking them is another altogether.

It's the same with writing a screenplay: Imagining the story is one thing, but being able to skillfully translate what's in your mind's eye onto the page is an enormous problem!

My experience¬†in cinematography and directing gives me a unique insight into visual storytelling that most screenwriters lack‚ÄĒespecially since they've never had the chance to¬†operate¬†a cinema camera, change a lens, or edit a film.¬†

While maintaining a focus on characters' journeys, I write in such a way as to get the reader to imagine the story as I envision¬†it in my mind while also not being an annoying or clunky¬†reading experience‚ÄĒa challenging¬†feat!¬†

I can teach you how to do this without you having to write with distracting camera angle language. 

Visual storytelling is an indispensable skill for screenwriters who want to go pro‚ÄĒand one that's often overlooked in books and tutorials.

To get 4 visual writing techniques you can immediately put to use in your writing, join me in this masterclass!


"Every time Carl speaks, you are going to learn something new. He is a knowledgable, kind teacher who really wants to see you succeed."

May K.

"Carl is a game changer! I highly recommend Carl to any screenwriter looking to elevate their craft and career."

Dawson R.

"Someone listening to Carl will immediately know he has real authority over the subject matter. I trust his teaching and advice."

Elisabeta K.

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